Fiddleford Mushrooms Ltd

Fiddleford Mushrooms, located in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, Dorset, is widely recognised as one of Britain’s leading growers of fresh, high quality mushrooms. Established in 1988, the farm has grown into a thriving, modern business that is successfully supplying the country’s leading food retailers. This success has been built on strong foundations of quality, service and a commitment to excellence.

The farm currently consists of 24 growing tunnels, each linked to an environmental control system to help maintain optimum growing conditions. The beds are filled with compost and a thin layer of casing soil.

Approximately 17 to 18 days after the rooms are filled with compost, the first mushrooms can be picked (this first crop is called a ‘flush’ or ‘break’). The first flush of mushrooms will yield up to 9.5 tonnes of mushrooms over a four day period. The second flush appears a week later and yields a similar weight of mushrooms. A total of three flushes are harvested altogether. The flushes become successively smaller.

The whole growing cycle takes six weeks from start to finish. With 24 growing tunnels on site, 4 tunnels are filled every week to ensure continuous production of approximately 45 tonnes of mushrooms weekly.

Fiddleford Mushrooms Ltd joined the G’s Growers Producer Organisation on 1st January 2013.

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