Naturally Organic SL

We farm 200ha of land which is spread around a150km radius, always searching for the best land and climate.

Our product range consists of celery, Romaine, Little Gem and Batavia lettuces, leeks and spring onions. We supply fresh organic produce to the UK from October to June.

Naturally Organic’s first crop left the farm in October 2006, after going through a 2 year conversion period of the land. This conversion period is a standard procedure for all farms wanting to grow organic produce. It helps build up the much needed organic matter in the soils in order to grow quality crops.

Our land is certified organic through CAERM (Consejo Agricultura Ecológica Region de Murcia) and CAEV (Consejo Agricultura Ecológica de Valencia).

Taking care of the environment and natural resources are vital in our business. Accordingly, we use the most efficient irrigation techniques available in order to reduce our water consumption to a minimum.
In addition, we are re-introducing different native plant species on our farms that will host beneficial insects, helping us to naturally control unwanted pests.

We are also certified in GlobalGAP and Tesco Nurture.