Cambs Farms Growers Ltd

Cambs Farms Growers Ltd is a family-owned business farming in excess of 4,000 ha of land in East Anglia. We are a specialist conventional and organic field-grown salad and vegetable producer with over 60 years of experience.

Our conventional cropping consists of bulb onions, Little Gem and Iceberg lettuce, celery and potatoes, plus wheat and sugar beet. Our organic crops include lettuces, celery, bulb onions, beetroot and wheat.

We supply over 72 million heads of lettuces and celery from May through to the end of October, all of which is cut and packed in the field. Over 20,000t of onions are harvested and stored for supply from August through to May.

Our full-time work force is sourced from the local area and complemented by seasonal workers.

The Fenlands are an important bedrock to our farming business and, as such, we place great value on the preservation and development of our soils and the wildlife and fauna which contribute so much to this diverse environment.

We have been a LEAF Demonstration Farm since the year 2000 and host visits from schools, colleges/universities, agricultural groups and conservation groups. In addition, we have enjoyed the success that Open Farm Sunday has seen in bringing over 7,500 visitors to our farms over the last 5 years and we look forward to many more such opportunities to welcome the public.

We joined the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in 2003 and the Entry Level Scheme in 2006.

5% of the farmed area is uncropped and managed for wildlife. This area consists of the following:

  • 120 miles of grass margins
  • 6 miles of hedgerow management
  • woodland
  • wild bird seed mixtures
  • pollen and nectar mixes
  • uncropped field corners
  • overwintered stubbles
  • grassland

All of the above are aimed at protecting habitats and fauna.

Working with FWAG, we have identified key species and habitats for protection and enhancement present within our farming environment. New habitats have also been established across the Farm to encourage these species to flourish.

We are Tesco Nurture (to Gold standard), Tesco Organic Nurture (to Gold standard), Red Tractor Farm Assurance, Field to Fork, LEAF and Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet accredited.

Working with:

  • RSPB on bird surveys – Volunteer & Farmer Alliance
  • Game & Wildlife Conservancy Trust – Grey Partridge surveys
  • FWAG – Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Environmental management schemes i.e CSS (Countryside Stewardship Scheme), ELS/OELS (Entry Level Scheme)
  • Membership to LEAF – completion of self assessment audit
  • Wildlife Trust