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The crops on the majority of the farm are in a ring fence, with uniform, deep peat soil type.

Specialising in Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, celery, Chinese leaf and radish, our cropping rotation is complemented by a large range of other crops including bulb onions and potatoes. To widen our rotation, we rent land out for growing red beet, radish, carrots and leeks.

Martin Hammond: General Manager


G S Shropshire operate a unique farming system. The land is laser-levelled which enables the operation of a sub-irrigation system to accurately control the level of the water table. This reduces our water requirement to 50% less than if we were using overhead irrigation, which on a hot sunny day could lose up to 60-70% through evaporation; our method reduces it to almost zero. Fungicide application is also reduced as the crop canopy stays dry. With water being short in East Anglia, this has economical and environmental advantages. Our three large winter storage reservoirs guarantee our water supply as well as providing a valuable habitat for wildlife.


Entry Level Stewardship on whole farm.

FWAG have estimated that 7% of the farm is uncropped wildlife habitat, including thirty miles of hedgerows and ditches.

The British Trust for Ornithology has been surveying nightingales on the farm for a number of years and has divulged that the farm has one of the densest breeding populations of nightingales in the country due to the numerous hedgerows and nearby watercourses.



  • Tesco Nurture (to Gold standard)
  • Field to Fork (Marks & Spencer)
  • LEAF
  • BRC
  • Assured Produce
  • Assured Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet