J.S. Young Farms

We grow spring-sown onions as G’s Growers. The onions are stored on the farm and are all supplied to the Co-operative during the winter as part of a programmed supply. We also grow cereals, sugar beet and dried peas.

J S Young Farms was a founder member of G’s Growers Ltd. Proprietor Bob Young is a Director of the Co-operative and a past Chairman. Grange Farm is a 400ac family farm straddling the boundary between the Fens and the Breckland SSSI. The farm is fully audited to ACCS, Assured Produce Scheme, Nurture, Leaf Marque and Field to Fork.

We have joined the Environmental Stewardship Scheme and have planted areas of woodland, hedges, beetle banks, pollen and nectar mix and grass field margins to enhance the original landscape, which was quite open with Scots Pine belts. We have a wide variety of wildlife resident on the farm and work with the RSPB to encourage nesting stone curlews. We are very close to the RSPB’s Lakenheath Fen Reserve and are occasionally visited by the golden orioles and cranes which are resident there.

The historical and archaeological interest on the farm is very high. Much of the southern end of the farm lies within the Romano-British Settlement of “Camboritum”(43BC-410AD) which is probably the most important Roman settlement on the ‘Fen Edge’.