W.O & P.O. Jolly

Formerly farming in East Suffolk, W.O. & P.O. Jolly moved to South West Norfolk in 1989, onto the light, sandy Breckland soils East of Thetford.

The cropping is suited to the soil type, which also benefits from irrigation; the water is taken from the chalk aquifer beneath the farm.

  • 84 hectares of onions; sets and seed crops, mainly brown onions
  • 90 hectares of potatoes grown for the processing market, crisps, chips and other potato products
  • 65 hectares of sugar beet delivered to the Bury Beet Factory
  • 45 hectares of spring barley grown for the malting trade
  • 20 hectares of industrial hemp partly used for environmentally friendly building products
  • 18 hectares of asparagus, grown, harvested and marketed to supermarkets and the wholesale London Markets


  • 56 hectares rented out for carrots and herbs
  • 35 hectares rented out for outdoor pigs; these are fattening pigs that spend all their lives outside


  • 1,700 ton cold bulk onion store
  • 1,600 ton ambient multipurpose onion/potato storage
  • 500 cold box store

Roudham Farm is entered into the Entry Level Scheme and the Higher Level Scheme, demonstrating commitment to the environment.